Department of Physics

Unique Physics Program Features

  • Student in the laboratory Early and active involvement of Physics majors in faculty research. The department also provides a supportive atmosphere, close student-faculty interactions and many opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research projects in the areas of experimental materials physics, computational materials physics, surface physics, optical spectroscopy, computational biophysics and science education.

  • A well-qualified and caring faculty specializing in several areas of physics research as well as in physics and science education.

  • An emphasis on laboratory work.

  • An emphasis on student involvement in projects and research; students report their work at state, regional, and national scientific meetings.

  • Internship programs that permit working in industry before graduation.

  • A department that is small enough to provide the personal attention common to small college programs while having many of the advantages and facilities associated with a large university setting.

  • The Department is the home of the internationally recognized physics teaching program known as PRISMS PLUS which has had a major impact on teaching of physics in nearly 1500 high schools in the United States and abroad.

  • The Department offers several merit scholarships and many work opportunities for qualified students.