Department of Physics

Recommended Courses for First Year


The first-year mathematics and physics courses that provide the foundation for all physics majors require a background of precalculus mathematics and physics. Students having a good background in theses areas would then take the following mathematics and physics courses in the first year.

First SemesterFirst Year students
PHYSICS 1100 First-Year Projects in Physics 1 hour

MATH 1420 Calculus I 4 hours
PHYSICS 1701 Physics I for Science and Engineering 4 hours



First year students

Second Semester
MATH 1421 Calculus II 4 hours
PHYSICS 1702 Physics II for Science and Engineering 4 hours





Students having a weak background in precalculus mathematics or none at all should begin with MATH 1140 (800:046) Precalculus (4 hours) instead of Calculus I. Those having a weak background in physics should begin with either PHYSICS 1400 (880:011) Conceptual Physics (4 hours) or PHYSCIS 1511 (880:054) General Physics I (4 hours) instead of Physics I for Science and Engineering. The Head, Department of Physics, room 215 Begeman Hall, should be consulted in these cases. Progress through a physics major will unavoidably be slower.

Sample Plans of Study