Department of Physics


The focus of the new PRISMS PLUS is complete learning cycles. A complete learning cycle is one that provides fully integrated experiences that enable students to develop not only their problem-solving and inquiry skills but also a deep, long-lasting understanding of physics concepts.

PRISMS PLUS consists of 44 learning cycles that are divided into the following units:

Force and Motion (14 learning cycles)

Work and Energy (8 learning cycles)

Waves and Optics (12 learning cycles)

Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics

The learning cycles found in each unit are listed in the back of this document. Both student and teacher materials for these units are available in electronic format from the UNI Physics Department.

PRISMS PLUS, like the original PRISMS materials, utilizes inexpensive materials with an activity-based pedagogy to generate interest and enthusiasm among students and teachers for the study of physics. Materials also provide opportunities for students to use instructional technologies such as computer- and calculator-based laboratory tools. And, with PRISMS PLUS, students can extend their understanding of the physics concepts introduced in the learning cycles with additional activities that use Constructing Physics Understanding (CPU) computer simulation software.