Department of Physics

Physics Students Nominated for Prestigious National Scholarship

B.S. Physics majors Aaron Kirchman and Sophie Roberts have both been nominated by UNI for the 2021 Barry Goldwater Scholarship in Science and Mathematics. The Goldwater Scholarship is arguably the most prestigious scholarship for undergraduate students majoring in the natural sciences or mathematics. Both Aaron and Sophie have completed summer research projects in the UNI Physics Department. Sophie has completed separate projects with Dr. Andrew Stollenwerk and Dr. Ali Tabei. Aaron’s research was done under the supervision of Dr. Tabei. Both Aaron and Sophie are pursuing research opportunities external to UNI during the upcoming summer. Two years ago, UNI physics major Joseph Tibbs (now a graduate student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) was awarded a Goldwater Scholarship. We certainly hope both Aaron and Sophie will strike “Gold” this year. This is the first time in recent history that the UNI Physics Department has produced two Goldwater Scholarship nominees in the same year.