Department of Physics

Physics faculty member Pavel Lukashev gains access to a supercomputer for research

This summer, Dr. Pavel Lukashev has been granted access to the Extreme Science and Engineering Environment (XSEDE) user facilities, to perform computational study of the project, “Influence of surface states and atomic disorder on the spin polarization of half-metallic systems”. XSEDE is an NSF-funded virtual organization ( that integrates and coordinates the sharing of advanced digital services - including supercomputers and high-end visualization and data analysis resources - with researchers nationally to support science. Dr. Lukashev has been granted access to the Bridges computer facilities at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (, with a one year allocation of the following resources: PSC Storage (Bridges Pylon) – 300 GB, PSC Regular Memory (Bridges) – 10,000 SU’s (service units (SUs) are defined in terms of GPU-hours: 1 GPU-hour = 1 SU).