Department of Physics

Physics Department receives NSF Research Grant

The Physics Department was recently awarded a $236,290 grant by the National Science Foundation to discover and study materials known as "half-metals" and "spin-gapless semiconductors." The identification and application of these materials will be crucial for the development of the new field of spintronics, which unites traditional electronics with magnetism. The project aims to advance the field of spintronics through the systematic discovery of new materials that possess the necessary electronic and magnetic properties for large-scale development of new spintronic devices. The project will combine both theoretical and experimental approaches to maximize the effectiveness of the discovery process. In addition to its direct scientific impact, the project will positively influence the development of the future science and technology workforce through the heavy involvement of undergraduate students in all aspects of the research. The Principal Investigator is UNI Physics faculty member Pavel Lukashev. Paul Shand is also an investigator for the project. The research will involve a collaboration between UNI and South Dakota State University.