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Department of Physics

B.A. Physics Major - Teaching

This major is being revised for the Fall 2013 semester to better prepare students for entering the world of teaching. Courses listed in italics are newly introduced for the Fall 2013 semester. Course descriptions can be found in the UNI Course Catalog. Students must also be admitted to the UNI Teacher Education Program.

Purpose and Goals

The Physics Major Teaching is designed for students preparing to be physics teachers at the secondary school level. The requirement in physics and mathematics are such as to provide time for coursework in other science areas in order to achieve certification approval in a second and third area. Common teaching combinations are physics-chemistry, physics-earth science or physics-mathematics. The BA Physics – Teaching Major requires a total of 120 hours to graduate.  Completion of this major will satisfy the requirement of the Iowa Department of Education for licensure to teach physics at the secondary school level. It is strongly recommended that sufficient work including current curricula be taken for licensure approval in a second area. Common teaching combinations are physics-chemistry or physics-mathematics.

Outline of Program (120 hours)


Math, Science, and Science Education Courses: 46 hours

Required Physics Courses: 20 hours 
PHYSICS 1100 - First-Year Projects in Physics – 1 hr
PHYSICS 1701 - Physics I for Science and Engineering -  4 hrs
PHYSICS 1702 - Physics II for Science and Engineering - 4 hrs
PHYSICS 2300 - Physics III: Theory and Simulation – 3 hrs
PHYSICS 4080 - Resources for Teaching Physics – 2 hrs
PHYSICS 4100 - Modern Physics – 4 hrs
PHYSICS 4110 - Modern Physics Laboratory – 2 hrs

Electives in Physics: 6 hours 
(Courses should be at the 3000 level or above)

Required Mathematics Courses: 8 hours 
MATH 1420 - Calculus I - 4 hrs 
MATH 1421 - Calculus II - 4 hrs

Required Science and Science Education Courses:  8 hours 
SCI ED 3300 - Orientation to Science Teaching - 3 hrs
SCI ED 3200 - Current Technologies in Science Teaching - 2 hrs 
SCI ED 4700 - Methods for Teaching Physical Science - 3 hrs 

Electives in Math and Science: 4 hours 
Non-physics courses from the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences excluding courses in Science Education (SCI ED) and mathematics below MATH 1420.

Professional Education Requirements: 30 hrs
SPED 3150 - Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in Classrooms – 2 hrs
TEACHING 4170 – Human Relations: Awareness and Application – 3 hrs
EDPSYCH 2017 – Field Experience: Exploring Teaching – 1 hr
EDPSYCH 2030 – Dynamics of Human Development – 3 hrs
EDPSYCH 3128 – Teacher As Change Agent – 1 hr
EDPSYCH 3148 – Learning and Instruction in Classroom Contexts – 3 hrs
MEASRES 3150 Classroom Assessment – 2 hrs
SOCFOUND 3119 Schools and American Society – 3 hrs
TEACHING 3138 – Secondary School Teaching  - 12 hours (Full Semester of Off-Campus Student Teaching)

Additional Liberal Arts Core Courses: 37 hours

MATH 1420, PHYSICS 1701, and EDPSYCH 2030 count  towards Liberal Arts Core

See UNI Liberal Arts Core for more details

University Electives: 7 hrs