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Department of Physics

Professional Development Programs for Teachers


UNI Physics and Science Education Professional Development and Outreach Instructional Technology Program Logger Pro

An instructional technology and materials loan program funded by the Roy J. Carver Charitable [logger pro device]  Trust for Iowa secondary science teachers. The program provides the resources needed to implement research-based interactive engagement techniques consistent with the Iowa Apple ComputerCore and empowers schools to seek funds to purchase their own resources. The loan program is available to those who participate in UNI Physics professional development programs for teachers and/or provide  [apple computer] assistance with field experiences for students in the UNI Methods for Teaching Physical Science (MTPS) course.  The classroom equipment and materials available on loan include Apple Macbook laptops, media projector, Vernier computer-based laboratory tools (Lab Pro interfaces, Logger Pro, and various sensors), dynamics tracks & carts, PRISMS PLUS materials, CASTLE kits, and more. Contact Larry Escalada ( for more information.


Integrating Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into UNI Secondary Science Curricula Resources and Courses

University of Northern Iowa Science Education received $60,600 in funds from the Carver Trust to integrate the NGSS into secondary science curricular resources and courses.  This project is an extension of our previous Carver funded project to expand and update the FOSS science kits available through the UNI Science Education Resource Center (SERC) that addresses the NGSS and provides opportunities to engage students in STEM activities.  The major focus of this project was at the elementary grade level.  This new proposal has a middle school grade level focus and seeks to increase the number of NGSS FOSS middle school science modules available to not only classroom teachers but also university faculty to implement in their science content and methods courses and our majors and minors to use in classrooms as they complete their field experiences and student teaching.  Some of the funds will be used to supplement our existing inventory of NGSS FOSS elementary science modules and supplies. 

Integration of Iowa Agriculture Literacy in Science Courses for Elementary Education Majors and Resources for Teachers

The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation has funded UNI Science Education $10,000 to integrate Iowa Agriculture Literacy resources into required University of Northern Iowa science methods and content courses for elementary education majors and into science kits available to Area Education Agency (AEA 267) elementary and middle school science teachers for check out to be implemented in their classrooms. 

Integrating Crosscutting Concepts in Iowa Science Classrooms (ICCSIC)

University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Science Education received $512,805 in funds from the Iowa Department of Education Title II Mathematics and Science Partnership Program.  ICCISC is a three-year professional development program to help Iowa's secondary science teachers develop curricula aligned with the Iowa Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that engages, excites, and educates students in science and other STEM-related fields using research-based teaching methods. Participating teachers learned how crosscutting concepts are used in different domains of science, how the crosscutting concepts can be used to create coherence across secondary science curricula to improve student learning, and how to design curricula using a backward design approach to address the crosscutting concepts in their courses.  The program is a collaboration with UNI Science Education faculty, several Area Education Agencies (AEA's), and a number of community school districts (CSD's) all over Iowa.

Feel free to contact us to let us know what physics courses and programs would benefit you.