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Professional Development Programs for Teachers

Iowa Regents Modeling and PRISMS Workshop, Summer 2013 and Academic Year 2013-14

The Iowa Regents Modeling and PRISMS Workshop, with funding by the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust, provides professional development for high school physics and physical science teachers.  It is the third summer workshop in Modeling Instruction for high school physics and physical science teachers.  The first two workshops were offered in 2011 at Iowa State University and in 2012 at the University of Iowa.  For the third summer workshop, Modeling Instruction will be integrated with Physics Resources and Instructional Strategies for Motivating Students (PRISMS) PLUS.   The goal of the workshop is to provide Iowa science teachers with local access to the exemplary professional development programs of Modeling and PRISMS and to support their implementation of the curricula in their classrooms to improve their instructional practices and increase teacher and student understanding of physics concepts.  Both curricula are aligned with the Iowa Core and national science education initiatives.  The workshop will be facilitated by master high school physics teachers (Shannon McLaughlin and Les Burns) in collaboration with university physics and science education faculty (Larry Escalada and Jeff Morgan).

The workshop is a one-year professional development program that will include an intense three-week summer institute on the UNI campus from June 10 – 28, 2013 followed with 2013-14 academic year professional development and support. 

Participants will receive a stipend, 5 semester credit hours of UNI physics graduate credit at a considerable discount to be paid by the participant, instructional resources and support, summer housing and meals, possible access to classroom physics resources available on loan, etc.  See the brochure and application for details.  Application deadline:  March 29, 2013.  For more information, contact Shannon McLaughlin ( or Dr. Larry Escalada ( for details.   

Iowa Physics Teacher Instruction and Resources (IPTIR), Summer 2009-Spring 2012

IPTIR was a 3 year professional development program funded by the Board IPTIR logo2of Regents, State of Iowa and Title II A (of the No Child Left Behind Act) to prepare more high-quality high school physics teachers for Iowa schools and to improve the performance of their students.  The IPTIR program consisted of a cohort of 35 total existing high school science teachers and secondary science teachers all over the state of Iowa, many  who were completing the requirements necessary for the State of Iowa Grades 5-12 physics teaching endorsement.  Participants had access to classroom physics resources during the implementation component of the program available on loan funded by the Carver project described below.  Participants received a stipend, instructional resources, and summer housing in addition to earning up to 15 semester hours of UNI Physics graduate credit at a discounted cost. See for details. For more information about professional development programs for teachers contact Larry Escalada ( and Jeff Morgan (

UNI Physics and Science Education Professional Development and Outreach Instructional Technology Program

An instructional technology and materials loan program funded by the Roy J. Carver Charitablelogger pro device Trust for Iowa secondary science teachers. The program provides the resources needed to implement research-based interactive engagement techniques consistent with the Iowa Core and empowers schools to seek funds to purchase their own resources. The loan program is available to those who participate in UNI Physics professional development programs for teachers and/or provide apple computerassistance with field experiences for students in the UNI Methods for Teaching Physical Science (MTPS) course.  The classroom equipment and materials available on loan include Apple Macbook laptops, media projector, Vernier computer-based laboratory tools (Lab Pro interfaces, Logger Pro, and various sensors), dynamics tracks & carts, PRISMS PLUS materials, CASTLE kits, and more. Contact Larry Escalada ( for more information.

Feel free to contact us to let us know what physics courses and programs would benefit you.