Department of Physics



Fred Behroozi, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh. Surface Physics

Lawrence T. Escalada, Professor, Ph.D. Kansas State. Science Education

Roger J. Hanson, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. University of Nebraska. Acoustics

Rui He, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Columbia University. Experimental Optics

Gerald W. Intemann, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. Stevens Institute of Technology. Theoretical Particle Physics

Tim Kidd, Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Condensed Matter Experimental

Pavel Lukashev, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University, Computational Condensed Matter Physics

Hilliard Kent Macomber, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. Harvard University. Theoretical and Computational Physics

Jeffrey T. Morgan, Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Maine. Science Education

Dale W. Olson, Professor, Ph.D. University of Rochester. Optics, Holography

Michael Roth, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. Colorado State University. Computational Physics

Paul M. Shand, Professor and Acting Head, Ph.D. Purdue University. Magnetic Materials

Andrew J. Stollenwerk, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University at Albany SUNY Albany, New York. Nanoscience

Ali Tabei, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Computational Biophysics

Roy D. Unruh, Professor Emeritus, Ed.D. University of Northern Colorado. Science Education


Les Burns
Takeshi Yasuda